Management Consultant - Interim management - M&A - Project management
Management Consultant, 25 years of experience by delivering assurance and advisory services as professional within one of the four global leading assurance, tax, transaction and advisory companies, as member of the Management Board and General Manager

Interim management · M&A · Project management 

Interim management

C-level roles · Special projects

  • Former General Manager, experienced Project- and Change-Manager
  • Incorporation support for new joint ventures
  • Programme management, e.g. set up of new plants or companies
  • Change, transformation and programme management, e.g. planning,
    managing and monitoring of all legal and commercial issues 
  • Assistance during startup, expansion, consolidation and turnaround 

Success stories

New plant in Gadsden,
Alabama (U.S.A.)


Setup of new plant within automotive industry, to secure delivery of german OEM

Interim Management - Joint venture in Shanghai und Shenyang

Joint Venture in Shanghai
and Shenyang (China)


Termination of existing joint venture, incorporation of subsidiaries in China, selection of local executive search, contract negotiations with CEO and local managers for new subsidiaries

Interim Management - voluntary winding up of company in Belgium

Voluntary winding up of company
in Tessenderlo (Belgium)


Plant shutdown, securing delivery of customers and voluntary winding up of company in Belgium

Interim Management - Joint Venture in Indien

Incorporation of joint venture with

plants in Hosur and Pune (India)


Search of suitable joint venture, planning, managing and monitoring of all commercial and legal issues for automotive joint venture

Joint venture in Györ (Hungary)

Planning, managing and monitoring of all commercial and legal issues for joint venture

Interim Management - Plant shutdown in Spain

Plant Shutdown in


Plant shutdown of complete location of automotive subsidiary in Spain

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Pre due diligence · Post merger integration

M&A - Merger and Acquisition: Due Diligence Berater - Post Merger Integration
  • Support as due diligence consultant, to optimize your preparation for transaction
  • Execution of pre due diligence, to agree in most relevant determinants of transaction 
  • Maximization of transaction value by identification, analysis und valuation of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats based on processes, business model, customers and other relevant determinants of the company
  • Change manager during post merger integration and consolidation of business and reporting processes
  • Experience based on practice as Senior Manager within one of the four global leading assurance, tax transaction and advisory companies
  • Former General Manager and member of the Management Board within automotive industry

Success stories

M&A: PMI - Post Merger Integration in Europe

Post Merger Integration in Europe


Integration of production- and sales companies, to fulfil requirements of US stock exchange listed company (PMI).


Post Merger Integration of
Automotive factories in Germany


Integration of JIS factories close to german OEM for US based company including reporting processes to fulfill monthly requirements on factory controlling after transformation from IBM AS400 to SAP.

M&A: Merger and Acquisition - Management buyout in Schweden

Execution of pre due diligence within automotive industry


Planning and monitoring of essential determinants to negotiate range of value applicable for shares of target in coordination with shareholders of target and Supervisory Board

M&A: Merger and Acquisition - Verkauf einer Gesellschaft mit Werken in Spanien und Brasilien

Merger and acquisition process of affiliated company with factories in

Spain and Brazil


Planning, managing and monitoring of merger and acquisition process of minority interest including plants in Spain and Brazil

M&A: Merger and Acquisition - Management buyout in Schweden

Management buyout of company

in Sweden


Negotiation with local management, customers, suppliers, banks, attorneys and Management Board, to design and execute management buyout

M&A: Merger and Acquisition - vendor due diligence, financial fact book

Vendor due diligence


Financial fact book, pmi-checklist (milestones, substantial determinants for post merger integration plan) 

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Project management

Change agent · Project manager

  • Strategic guidance of change, transformation and innovation processes
  • Project management within the context of large projects and programs, especially for restructuring or implementation of IT-systems and solutions (analysis, planning, steering, set-up, piloting, implementation, rollout), e.g. complex process changes or outsourcing processes
  • Coaching, training and moderation of small and big groups

Success stories

Relocation of Greenville plant and headquarter to Duncan, South Carolina (U.S.A.)

Relocation to new plant after stop of negotiations with owner of old property (upgrade existing plant, operational safe-guard procedures, to secure new volumes)

Projektmanagement - Werksverlagerung Slowakei

Relocation of Nitra plant
to Surany (Slovakia)


Relocation of plant and headquarter close to automotive areas in Hungary and Slovakia

Projektmanagement - Outsourcing Personalabrechnung

Outsourcing payroll accounting
(based on HCM - SDWORX)


Outsourcing of payroll accounting for two locations with 200 employees in view of tax regulations, social security regulations and legal data protection regulations

Projektmanagement - Implementierung SAP R/3

Implementation of SAP R/3 for seven locations and 1,000 users

  • Selection ERP-solution
  • Outsourcing computing center
  • Implementation SAP R/3

Projektmanagement - Einführung Archivsystem d3.ecm - d.velop

Implementation new archive solution d3.ecm - d.velop


Implementation of ecm-solution, to use sensitive digital information within top management, head of departments and advisory board

Projektmanagement - Einführung MIS-System FTSolutions

Implementation of  MIS-Solution FTSolutions


Implementation of MIS-Solution (commercial and logistic key performance indicators) based on SQL database

Special Compliance/AML projects of international bank

Special projects within Compliance/ AML of international bank


Change and transition management within Compliance/AML, use of BI-tool (Qlikview)

Projektmanagement - Konsortialfinanzierung

Agreement of syndicated loan 


Planning, managing and monitoring of syndicated loan within automotive industry

Implementation of long term
planning report


Implementation of long term planning report including EBIT, return on sales, return on equity, consolidated statements of cash flow and financial position

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